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Have you ever dreamed of owning a store in USA? I have a country store that serves the local area. We are an hour northeast of Seattle. Our store sells groceries, cigarettes, beer/wine, coffee, gasoline and much more. If you are serious and have the financial resources, please contact me.

This business and property may qualify for permanent residence:

Entrepreneurs (and their spouses and unmarried children under 21) who make an investment in a commercial enterprise in the United States and who plan to create or preserve ten permanent full time jobs for qualified United States workers, are eligible to apply for a green card (permanent residence).

Up to 10,000 visas may be authorized each fiscal year for eligible entrepreneurs.

You must invest $1,000,000, or at least $500,000 in a targeted employment area (high unemployment or rural area). In return, USCIS may grant conditional permanent residence to the individual.

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