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Hello All,

I would like to offer my private tutoring services to foreigner at all levels and ages who wish to learn or improve their Chinese language skills.

My credentials are very strong. I've graduated from globally prestigious public normal university in Shanghai, a university for teachers, only 1 in Shanghai, called East China normal University. I've spent 3 years working for Fortune 50 & Fortune 100 companies, and I've spent the last 4 years in teaching Chinese Mandarin both in language school and private tutoring. And I possess a TCSL certificate.

My services are as follows:

Basic Chinese Speaking Listening // Basic Chinese Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing(optional) // Advanced Chinese Speaking Listening // Advanced Chinese Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing(optional) // Basic Chinese Speaking Listening (in Business) // Basic Chinese Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing(optional) (in Business) // Advanced Chinese Speaking Listening (in Business) // Advanced Chinese Speaking Reading, Listening, Writing (optional) (in Business) // HSK// Tailored-made Chinese// Chinese Culture

For anyone who wishes to invest in themselves and/or their children, my services will be of great value.

I prefer to work 1-on-1, but will consider working in group settings as well.

Price is affordable and competitive, depending upon the learner's study duration, level, and schedule.

Do not waste your money on self-proclaimed tutors and teachers who do not have a true understanding of the Chinese language; there is only one right way to learn Mandarin Chinese.

I look forward to helping you,

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M: 13651712893

  • ne PAS me contacter pour des services ou offres non requises

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