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My name is Celia. If you are looking for a Chinese teacher. I would like to help you with your study. Please check my introduction below.

Teaching experience:

I am working as a full-time Mandarin teacher in a famous language training school called Mandarin morning since the year 2010. I work well and was considered to be one of the best staff. Some of my students can talk in fluent Chinese after a couple of months study. My students are very satisfied with me. They all made good progress soon after taking my course. We are still good friends till now.

Teaching style:

I have made my own teaching method over years of Chinese teaching. I know how to make my student interested in Chinese learning, how to make the learning easier, faster and more practical. Besides for class teaching, I often afford some Chinese learning tips for my students to help them get to know more information of Chinese culture and daily communication. I think a Mandarin teacher should be the culture guide of her expat students

Tailor made learning proposal:

I specially customized learning plan for each student. Because they are of different ages, occupations, learning objectives.

Would you like a trial lesson before you decide whether to study with me?

Please feel free to reach me directly for any concern. Thanks.

email: affichez coordonnées
Wechat: 13661452800
  • ne PAS me contacter pour des services ou offres non requises

Id publi: 6615665404


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