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Hi there, I am a full time teacher in shanghai, I can teach different levels of students.

The services I can provide now are as follows:
Course Type:

1 Oral mandarin / survival mandarin /character/ writing/ reading (total beginner)

2 Practical writing

3 BCT (Business Chinese Test),

4 HSK (Basic/Elementary-Intermediate/Advanced)

5 Chat (Chinese traditional culture/ recent events)

6 Chinese Calligraphy / Chinese painting / Ancient Poetry/ classics reading

7 Tailor-made programs according to your requirement for language needs (Short time/long time live-in or not one on one/ group class)

I can offer you a trial lesson(but not free)if you are interested, please contact me

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Wechat: 13661452800
  • ne PAS me contacter pour des services ou offres non requises

Id publi: 6609308609


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