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Full-time professional Chinese teacher with 4 years of teaching experience is now available to offer Chinese Courses to foreigners who are working in shanghai, focusing on conversational skills, making you master Chinese in a fast steady and efficient way.
With different levels/aims, I offer different courses:
Elementary level:
aim to master basic daily conversation.

Middle/advanced level:
aim to master complicated daily/business topic.

Chinese characters:
In a step-by-step process, to master characters from the easiest ones to the complicated ones.

I do office or home-visit tutoring . Timing is also very flexible, lessons will be arranged due to your schedule. If you plan to find a good Chinese teacher in Shanghai, please send an email to: affichez coordonnées , or call me at 13661452800

  • ne PAS me contacter pour des services ou offres non requises

Id publi: 6609308461


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