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Personal Introduction
-Native teacher-good English knowledge-energetic-patient-motivated-friendly
-Major in TCSL (teaching Chinese as a Second Language)
-Experienced (+5 years' expertise) •Worked in leading Chinese language Schools: ChineseTutoringLessons/Global LT. /CC Shanghai/Sakura Japanese/New world education• Taught privately

She has good ability to guess what I want to say. But not say or teach so soon. This is very good opportunity that I had to think how I could express in unfamiliar language. In my case our common language was English only. She is also very good enough to speak English. Sometime she taught the contents except the Text book. She was always thinking how entertain for me to learn Chinese. --- President of FALF INC.
She's the most patient teacher I've met.---Sales manager, ThyssenKrupp China
We've got a lot of fun from learning Chinese with Constance. ---VP, Microsoft--- Director, Microsoft
She has a unique way to make things much easier to remember. ---VP, HSBC Asia
I've never imagined that she made me pass HSK3 only within 2 weeks, so unbelievable and efficient! ---Engineer, Siemens China

Courses Features
-Flexible course schedule and location
- 1-on-1, or 1-on-more tailor-made Chinese lessons
- Focus on you or your group's needs
- Cover the most interesting topics for you
- with some own developed methods to give a better and personalized class (not just following a book but being able to see how you process and in which areas we would need more improvement and giving my personal touch to strength that).
- Available for Survival Chinese. Daily Chinese, Spoken Chinese, Business Chinese, HSK (2-6), Chinese characters, Grammar, Special Chinese
- Chinese culture and history contents and much more

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M/Wechat: 13651712893

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