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We are a national sportsbook company with presence in Portland, Austin, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles and New Jersey. When you bet with us you get access to a 24/7 mobile and desktop platform and access to our 24 hour action 1-800 number.

Minor league/major league Baseball
Collage/professional Football
Soccer all over the world
Horse betting 24/7
Online Poker
Online Blackjack

1. We'll collect some information for us to setup an account with weekly line of credit. ($1,000 to $5,000)
negotiable after a betting pattern has been established 2. Bets are placed by players online on our website that has all the games available in the world, in all types of sports.
3. Action takes place from Monday to Sunday. Everything is being tracked by the software.
4. Payouts are weekly (after every Sunday)

For more info and questions please contact us through this post with your name and phone number one of the agents will get back to you asap.

All settlements are weekly via Bitcoin or $CASH app

V.I.P lines available with 35% down
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