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legg innlegget til favoritter Genuine Nike ACG clip-in bike shoes cleats size 45 - 圓200 (Jingan) skjul innlegg vis

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Put these on and then you can ride you bike faster and further and gain beautiful sculpted legs in the process.

Only worn a couple of times but size 45 was too small for my chubby feet (facepalm). I think these are the 'mountain bike' or cross country style shoes that have the recessed clip so you can walk around in them when not on the bike, but I never made it past the first ring road. Please take these to where they can ride freely in the mud where they belong!

Obviously you will need clip in style pedals to use these - unfortunately my pedals were still attached my beloved Treddles McPeddals the push bike when she was stolen, so I can't give you those.
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