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Hi, my friends, my name is David. I am a Beijing local people who is well educated and speaking good English .I have a nice car, new PASSAT vehicle, which is safe, comfortable and clean. It can take 1-4 passengers.
So, if you are less than 5 people then my car is definitely your best choice,
I provide service as bellow:
1) the Great Wall trip.
2) Beijing sightseeing tour include Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and so on.
3) any Beijing scenery spots which you want to go.
Cost of the Great Wall round trip:
1)Mutianyu: 550 RMB (in 8 hours)
Mutianyu + Summer Palace : 650 RMB (in 10 hours)
Mutianyu + Temple of Heaven :650 RMB(in 10 hours)
2)Jiankou (climb up from Jiankou, get down at Jiankou) : 650 RMB (in 8 hours)
Jiankou(climb up from Jiankou, get down at Mutianyu): 750 RMB (in 10 hours)
3)Jinshanling : 1000 RMB
Cost of the scenery spots in urban district:
Any three spots ,for example, the Forbidden City+Summer Palace+the Temple of Heaven, is 500 RMB (8 hours)
Price include car rent, fuel, tolls, parking fee.
No shopping Stop!!!
explain the time range:
begin counting : leave from hotel or house
end counting: return to hotel or house
Please feel free to contact me:
Email: affichez coordonnées
affichez coordonnées
Cell phone & WhatsApp : +86 affichez coordonnées
Wechat: affichez coordonnées

I will do what I can to give you the best memories of your trip to Beijing.

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